City To Go After Grant From EDA

The Bridgeport News

By Jeff Toquinto, News Editor

BRIDGEPORT (Thursday, April 4, 2001)

$1.3M to go to infrastructure at Charles Pointe development

Bridgeport City Manager Kim Haws will return from Philadelphia today after meeting with officials from the Federal Economic Development Agency (EDA).

According to information on Bridgeport’s City Council agenda for Monday, there is a resolution asking the council to authorize a grant for infrastructure. The success of the visit will determine if the request is made.

The request, according to the agenda, is for a $1.3 million grant that will be used for the 2,000-acre Charles Pointe Development.

Randy Spellman, the city’s community development director, did say it was "part of the overall plan to develop and assist with Charles Pointe."

Spellman said he wasn’t sure of any of the other details involving the grant. It is likely the money would be used for water and sewer extension to the acreage of the development.

City leaders have said in the past they would be active in an attempt to acquire grant money for the proposed $750 million development between Interstate 79 and the Bridgeport Bypass or Route 279. The payoff for the city is that all land that is developed at Charles Pointe will be annexed into the city.

Work has continued on sites that will eventually host business, while the city has said plans for a conference center and a hotel are still in the works despite no formal announcement..