Charles Pointe’s Promising Future

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Exponent Telegram 

John G. Miller, Managing Editor

Seven years ago there was a great buzz about development in Harrison County.

A new concept to the area was announced – a planned community called Charles Pointe. Partially because it was a new concept and few knew what to expect, and partially because the area was starved for good economic news, many anticipated this huge development to unfold before their eyes.

When that didn’t occur in short order, and as several years passed without any brick and mortar visible, critics began to wonder if the development would ever be even a sliver of its grand announcement.

While there was little visible movement, developer Genesis Partners spent much of the first few years lining up a quality team of personnel and planning the enormous project.

This would be no slipshod, piece-meal project that led to infrastructure woes. It would be planned for the future, with a design that was environmentally and user friendly.

That planning has paid off. And any doubts about Charles Pointe have been subdued with the tremendous amount of growth experienced since late 2005.

In less than two years, Charles Pointe’s North Land Bay has taken shape and includes two hotels, a conference center, housing, retail and office buildings. And it’s just a starting point.

As Metro Editor Jim Fisher’s Page A1 story details, Genesis Partners is now moving forward at a rapid pace. 

The latest development is Marketplace, which will be a 230,000-square foot, six-building complex that will house more retail, offices and loft apartments.

All of this is good news for Harrison County and the Interstate 79 Corridor.

Charles Pointe’s development combined with the new United Hospital Center and White Oaks projects nearby, are positive signs of future economic growth.