North Bridgeport Bypass Scheduled To Be Completed By Late October

Clarksburg Exponent Telegram

by Tina Canon, Staff Writer

BRIDGEPORT (Tuesday, July 25, 2001)

The 3.3 miles of road travels from the Jerry Dove Drive exit of Interstate 79 through the new Charles Pointe development area and ends up at U.S. Route 50 beyond Maple Lake.

According to Donald Williams, assistant district engineer of construction for the West Virginia Division of Highways, the last of the three projects on the route should be done by this fall.

"The I-79 end of the 279 project still has some additional work," said Williams. "The bridge that crosses 131 will be complete in two more months.

"The beams will be done this week followed by the bridge decking," he said.

"Also, storm drainage pipes, concrete curbing for the on and off ramps from I-79 and then the final paving will complete the project," said Williams.

The completion of the bypass is a key step for the future of Charles Pointe.

According to Jamie and Jennifer Corton, owners of Genesis Partners, the highway is essential for development.

The bypass would also mean less traffic on U.S. Route 50 through Bridgeport going toward Grafton.

"Most large trucks would travel the bypass," said Williams, "cutting down the bottleneck conditions on Route 50."