National Trade Journal Publicizes Charles Pointe

Press Release

November 21, 2005

BRIDGEPORT- A national telecommunications journal says land developers throughout American can learn a lot by looking at Charles Pointe, the master-planned community that Genesis Partners is building here.

“Charles Pointe is on track to achieve a win-win situation for the developer, service provider, customer and West Virginia’s economy-a feat that’s already attracting nationwide attention,” Emerge magazine reported in its current issue.

A photograph of James A. Corton, managing partner of Genesis Partners, and TelAtlantic Communications Chief Operating Officer Walter J. Burmeister is on the journal’s front cover. Inside is a story about Charles Pointe’s information network entitled “The All-Fiber Lifestyle.”

Emerge is published by Tellabs, an international communication technology firm.

A fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) network will enable businesses to deliver voice, data and video services in such areas as entertainment, security, health care and energy management.

“Charles Pointe offers more than quality residences, a traditional downtown and outdoor and indoor recreation facilities. The new community’s design makes state -of-the-art communication networks a built-in element of the Charles Pointe experience,” the magazine reported.

“As customers ask for more communication services, we’ll be able to quickly provide them,” Corton Said.

Charles Pointe is the first large-scale master planned community in the state.

“Genesis Partners’ business model for Charles Pointe breaks with tradition. In addition to selling property, Genesis Partners also owns the communications’ infrastructure, which is being built by Communications Plus of Morgantown.

According to The Broadband Group (TBG), a communications consulting firm, this unique approach offers a new economic approach for developers everywhere.

“Most developers do not have the fortitude to build and own a network, much less the determination to execute a plan to build that network,” TBG spokesman Don Knasel said.

“Charles Pointe has used its real estate expertise to change the economics for a land developer to invest in a fiber network. It has focused its resources to achieve its goal for an advanced communications network and the associated marketing advantages,” Knasel remarked.

TelAtlantic Communications, the corporate parent of Communications Plus, plans to imitate the Charles Pointe model in other parts of the country.

When he attended the opening of the development three months ago, Governor Joe Manchin, III described Charles Pointe as “an innovative community that matches the innovative spirit of the growing, technology, aerospace, biometrics and other local industries.” Charles Pointe “can be an important component of the evolving economy of north central West Virginia,” Gov. Manchin said.

“As developers learn of the forward-looking master-planned community business model at Charles Pointe, they may lean toward it, too,” Emerge magazine reported.