The Mountain State Brewing Co., Bridgeport's Newest Restaurant, Starts Strong at Charles Pointe Site January 20, 2019

Thomas Jones was smiling as he left through the doors of The Mountain State Brewing Co. in Bridgeport recently. And for two reasons.

“I just stopped for a quick bit and I’ll be back. The food was great,” said Jones, who lives in Taylor County. “The funny thing is I may not have stopped, but I found a $20 bill in my coat pocket and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did.”

Jones isn’t the only one stopping at the restaurant that opened late last year at Charles Pointe. And it’s probably a safe bet most are stopping in without needing to find some spare money in their pockets.

The regional based restaurant is doing well as the New Year is underway, according to General Manager Emmaline Gross. She said things are working out well at the Bridgeport location.

“We opened Nov. 5 and it’s been great,” said Gross. “We definitely had a very warm welcome from the community and we appreciated everyone coming out those first few weeks and we appreciate so many people for coming back.”

It’s the repeat clientele that often makes a business. A few months in, Gross said she’s already seeing that happen.

“I can name off a handful of regulars here two or three times a week. Establishing those relationships is the best part of doing this because it makes things more fun,” said Gross. “There’s a reason they come back and it’s important to. We value all the feedback we received, but to get their feedback and ideas helps as you move ahead.”

The mindset should serve the business well. And should enhance a brand already popular at two additional locations.

The new Bridgeport site joins the establishments in Morgantown and in Deep Creek, Md. The restaurant serves many brands of its own beer and the actual brewery is in Davis.

Gross said beer is definitely one of the specialties, including flagship beers from the Davis brewery.

“We brew year round,” she said. “We have our flagship brands and we have seasonal beers along with supporting other breweries.”

Food, however, is the calling card in a family friendly environment. The menu features wood-fired pizzas as their most known item, which are hand-tossed. There are wood-fired sandwiches on the menu as well as regular sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts and more.

"We are definitely known for our wood-fired flatbread pizza and we have tons of options for that item. As far as the rest of the menu, there are plenty of items to choose from,” said Gross, citing the pulled park items at the top of her own list.

The open concept restaurant includes a bar area and an area that can be made private if needed. Also, one section of the restaurant has yet to be open for public use.

"We’ll be opening our outdoor patio for the spring and summer with up to 20 tables and potential for additional types of seating,” said Gross. “Having an outside are that large allows us to host events there and not take away from the inside component.”

The restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hours of operation on Friday and Saturday are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The phone number is 304-808-6009.