Heavily Discussed Multi-Million Regional Restaurant Project in Works for More than a Year on Way to City

By Jeff Toquinto on December 09, 2017
Connect Bridgeport

It was more than a year ago, in September of 2016 to be exact, plans were publicly released for a potential new regional restaurant to come to Charles Pointe. While the announcement came during a Bridgeport Planning Commission meeting 15 months ago, planning for the project was going on for some time before that.

In recent weeks, all of the planning finally paid off. Officials with Genesis Partners, the developers of Charles Pointe, as well as an official with the restaurant announced that the deal to make things happen is officially complete and the project is moving forward

The restaurant in question is the Mountain State Brewing Company. The new Bridgeport site will mark the third location beyond the one in Morgantown and in Deep Creek, Md. The restaurant serves many brands of its own beer and the actual brewery is in Davis.

“We’re ecstatic,” said Charles Pointe Executive Director of Development Mark Dellana. “It’s a project we’ve been working on with them for some time and we’re certain we have another quality restaurant establishment that helps to extend our live, work and play environment that is central to Charles Pointe.”

Dellana isn’t the only one happy with the news. Chad Bartlett, the general manager of Mountain State Brewing who is heading up the new location, is thrilled things are progressing.

“It’s been three years of work so we’re glad to get to this point. It’s exciting,” said Bartlett. “The plan is to bring something to Bridgeport that’s unique and the entire area will enjoy.”

For those who think it’s simply a bar based on its name, the assumption would be incorrect. Mountain State Brewing Company, Bartlett said, is a family-oriented restaurant. While it will offer its own beers, as well as plenty of other beers (including other locally made and craft beers), Mountain State Brewing is known just as much for its food.

“I think we have the best pizza and beer around. A hidden secret is our pulled pork because I don’t think people expect it, but we do it overnight by capping it and when we pull it out in the morning, it’s phenomenal,” Bartlett, who added there will be an extensive tap system for beers at the location, said. “We have a wide menu offerings along with a varied offering of beverages, but it is family atmosphere everyone can enjoy.”

A key to the deal was the location. The new restaurant at Charles Pointe will be situated between the Fairmont Federal Credit Union and House of Fashion and in the area where the new 911 building (the former Christie-Cutlip Building) is located. There will be views along the roadway and more.

“We’ll have plenty of outside seating and that outside seating is what was important. In our region, for up to eight months you can have good weather days where you can sit outside and enjoy the views,” said Bartlett. “At most places, when you look outside or even if you are able to sit outside you’ll see a parking lot. That’s not what you’re going to get here because when you’re outside you’re going to know you’re outside.”

Bartlett said there are views of farmland in almost all directions. He also said the outside area will afford views of planes flying into North Central West Virginia Airport.

During the September Planning Commission meeting, Bridgeport Community Development Director Randy Spellman said it was a $2 million project.

That project should take its next step soon. Bartlett said he’s hoping to get drawings finalized and to the city for review by February. After that, he’s hoping to begin the project quickly.

“Ideally, I would like to see the doors open in July of 2018. As long as we can get things started as soon as possible we should be able to do that,” said Bartlett. “I’m just glad after all this time to be ready to go.”

As is Dellana. He said this is a nice addition for the development, the city and the entire region.

"It’s nice Mountain State picked Bridgeport for its new location because it validates what we tell others and that is that Bridgeport and Charles Pointe is the place to locate and the place to do business,” said Dellana. “This will be a great addition to the community.”

Check back to Connect-Bridgeport in the future for an update once drawings are released.