Charles Pointe's Newest Addition, Mia Market, to Feature Italian Fare, Wines, Sandwiches and More

By Jeff Toquinto on May 31, 2015
Connect Bridgeport

The name probably sounds familiar and the location will too, but for Bridgeport's newest place to get a bite to eat will prove to be a bit of a different experience from its neighbor and namesake. In the very near future, Charles Pointe will be welcoming its newest addition in Mia Market.

The reason that sounds familiar is because of its name. As one might expect, it will be located in the space currently being renovated by Mia Margherita. And although some of the items available will be the same as what you can get at the highly popular eatery operated by Scott Duarte, the managing director of CP Hospitality, there will be some pretty unique new choices as well from across the food genre.

"It's going to be located right beside in the last open space available. If you drive by, it's the one with the brown parchment paper on the windows. We don't plan for that to be the case for long," said Duarte.

The new establishment will cover 750 square feet. And for those thinking that's awfully small, the size is perfect for what the "Mia Market" will offer.

"We're going to do an Italian market, a wine shop and café," said Duarte. "It's going to have Italian meats and cheeses, olives and relishes. We'll also have pizza by the slice from Mia Margherita. There's a whole lot more that will be offering in what we believe will be a convenient and quick way to get something to eat as well as have a place to eat if you have some time."

Along with the aforementioned items, Duarte said there will be soups and sandwiches with the sandwiches being offered on various types of breads. Individuals will also be able to purchase gift baskets that include items available in the store. Along with the wine – including many of local and regional brands – there will be craft beer available.

"We're actually going to have a craft beer program where you can build your own six packs. We'll likely incorporate local breweries, but we'll feature some from outside the area as well, There's more than 3,500 breweries out there so we're pretty sure we can get a wide variety," said Duarte. "What's nice about this is that if you're unfamiliar with a brand you don't have to worry about buying an entire six-pack and not liking it. You can pick and choose and then modify when you come back."

While the market will primarily cater to those shopping or getting food on the go, there will be plenty of "eat-in seating." Duarte said seating for 20 individuals should be available.

"It's a little more casual than Mia Margherita and whatever you order, particularly if you order a sandwich, it's going to be made right in front of you. At the same time, we'll have some pre-made item for people that won't to get something on the run and we're planning on doing breakfast as well."

Another feature that Duarte said will be unique is a "daily grab and go" lunch item. He hopes that will serve the workers in the area with limited time well.

"We're also going to have a nice selection of coffee and are working with Caribou Coffee that we feature at Mia Margherita. We're going to expand that and offer a lot of really nice coffees for people to choose from," said Duarte.

As for the opening, Duarte said he's hoping it to take place sooner as opposed to later. His timeline, right now, is for a mid- June or late June opening.