Newest Addition to Charles Pointe Likely to Please Those with Sweet Tooth

By Jeff Toquinto on October 12, 2014
Connect Bridgeport

For those with a sweet tooth, there's some good news coming to Bridgeport in general and to Charles Pointe in particular. This past week, a building permit was filed to bring a national chain to the area that should help those looking for a little bit of indulgence.

According to Community Development Director Randy Spellman, Charles Pointe will soon be home to a sweetFrog.

The property is in the Commons 1 building at Charles Pointe. Premier Commercial Real Estate Services is offering the space in the building, which is the same building that is home to Bridgeport Family Pharmacy and Mia Margherita.

"It's a frozen, self-service yogurt business where you make your own choice and put your own toppings on," said Spellman, who announced the new business at a recent Bridgeport Development Authority meeting. "It's going into one of the last few spaces that remain in that building."

According to their Web site, the goal is to "create the best frozen yogurt experience you've ever had." Apparently, the experience is working. The company opened in 2009 but already has locations across the country, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom and will be opening locations in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The company says it is committed to local communities and that the F.R.O.G. in their name stands for "Fully Rely On God." The store states its commitment to communities can be witnessed on multiple levels, including fundraisers.

"When you see continued activity and see rollover of chains into more prominent chains and new chains you see that the market is still viable for our area," said Spellman. "It's still viable because you have people still investing in our area."

The announcement comes on the heels of news that a Tim Hortons would be going into Charles Pointe as well. That business will be situated in the BFS Building at the entrance to the development and will replace the Gloria Jean's Coffee Shop in place.

The building permit is for $40,000. The reason for the low cost is that the Commons at Charles Pointe building is already built out.

There are nearly half a dozen sweetFrog locations in West Virginia. The closest location is in Morgantown.