Charles Pointe to Add Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop to Dining Roster

By Jeff Toquinto on September 28, 2014
Connect Bridgeport

While the end of the Gloria Jean's Coffee business is in the distant future at Charles Point, it's not the end of a fresh cup of joe – and more – at the location inside the BFS Building just inside the main entrance to the development off of Interstate 79.

Last week, a building permit was filed for $60,000 with the City of Bridgeport to take that location and turn it into a Tim Hortons. The Tim Hortons chain of restaurants began back in 1964 in Canada and is growing with a strong presence in the United States. From that time up to 2012, the company's total revenues were listed at $3.12 billion.

The reason for the transfer from the Gloria Jean's to Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop is unclear. A phone call to Commercial Builders, the group that filed the building permit, was not returned by the person in charge. However, it was confirmed that three area locations are being transferred. Two of those are in Harrison County – one at Charles Pointe inside the BFS location – and one at Newpointe – inside the BFS store there.

Bridgeport Community Development Director Randy Spellman said Commercial Builders is the company that built the BFS Building at Charles Pointe. He said they will be doing the work in converting and changing the space already there at Charles Pointe. Spellman added that this should be a nice addition to the area and he said he's familiar with the product.

"The nice thing about the Tim Hortons is that it's an up and coming brand that is extremely popular in Canada and has been for a number of years. That popularity is now moving pretty strongly across our side of the border," Spellman said. "I think to go inside the BFS structure is a little bit cutting edge and a good thing. Certainly, it's nice to see Bridgeport still be able to attract a current and popular type of dining establishment to our roster of what's available for our residents and those visiting."

As for the time frame on an opening, Spellman said he had no information on that or when work would begin. If that information becomes available, it will be included on Connect-Bridgeport.

Much like the store it's replacing, Tim Hortons is known for its coffee. According to its Web site, the company uses a "premium blend of 100% Arabica beans from several of the world's renowned coffee-producing regions. Tim Hortons coffee is served within 20 minutes of brewing or it's not served at all."

If more details become available, they will be posted on Connect-Bridgeport.