"Your Social Gathering Place:" Meagher's Irish Pub to Open at Charles Pointe

By Julie Perine on October 26, 2013
Connect Bridgeport

Before St. Patrick’s Day 2014 rolls around, Meagher’s Irish Pub – featuring traditional Irish fare, New Celtic cuisine and plenty of Irish ale and whiskey – will be located at Charles Pointe.

The pub – short for “public house” – a fundamental establishment in Irish culture and the focal point of many small towns – will be owned by Tim and Jade Meagher, who for the last nine years have called Bridgeport their home and where they are happy to be raising their children, 12-year old Christian and 8-year old Sarah.

“We felt there was a need for more dining options - a place where people can go out and enjoy great conversation, food and a drink with friends - and what better place than an Irish Pub,” said Tim Meagher, who can trace both his maternal and paternal roots to 19th century Ireland.

“My father’s family (the Meaghers) immigrated to America in the mid-1800s from a town called Nenagh in County Tipperarey,” he said. “My mother’s side (the Gilroys) immigrated during the same period from the Northern part of Ireland.”

According to his ancestral culture, Irish pubs have traditionally been the gathering places for family and friends.

“And that’s what we are trying to create here in Bridgeport – ‘Your Social Gathering Place,’” Meagher said. “We definitely want people to feel comfortable bringing the whole family, kids included.”

This is the couple’s first pub and their original idea and design. It will occupy a new 5,123-square foot building, currently under construction and located next to Buffalo Wild Wings on Betten Court.

“We designed the restaurant so the dining room sets on this on the left side of the building, the pub on the right, connected by the traditional pub focal point - the bar,” Meagher said. “We want to create a meaningful, memorable, fun experience that will keep our customers coming back for more. As the night settles, we are hoping to attract adults who are looking for a unique atmosphere to connect with friends and be entertained.”

The Meaghers are creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, complete with unique furniture and accent pieces – some straight from Ireland. They have been working with a chef consultant who was a leader in the U.S. gastro pub movement, calling his menu New Celtic cuisine.

The restaurant and pub will be open for both lunch and dinner seven days per week.

“We love going out with friends and family to share a meal and drinks. It’s a time to sit back, relax and connect,” Meagher said. “We’ve always been drawn to Irish pubs (for obvious reasons) and felt at home there.”

When Charles Pointe development first began, the Meaghers felt it would be a great place to open an Irish pub and bring the atmosphere they love so much to Bridgeport.

“Bridgeport has a great community of people and is experiencing unprecedented development and we feel truly blessed and proud to be a part of it,” Meagher said.