Why Charles Pointe? New Development Honors Compton

Clarksburg Telegram

BRIDGEPORT, (Wednesday, October 25, 2000)

Charles Pointe is named after Charles E. "Jim" Compton, inventor of the coal auger, and well-known philanthropist. To provide readers with more background concerning Compton and this project, we share with you excepts of remarks made by his daughter, Jennifer Compton Corton, at Wednesday’s ceremony:

"Most of you know that our father Charles E. "Jim" Compton has been ill for some time. His prolonged illness is a time of great sadness for those of us closest to him – it is also a time of reflection and thought about the future.

"Even as a young girl, I felt my father’s love for West Virginia. For most of the last century, he has been engaged in nearly every part of our state’s life. Form the invention of the coal auger, to his leadership in establishing the C. E. Compton Nutrition Program at West Virginia University School of Medicine, my dad always seemed to be a step ahead of the rest of us.

"He loves politics, of course, and though my father does not have a formal education, his blood runs blue and gold for West Virginia University where he holds an honorary degree. He also is fiercely loyal to Salem International University, formerly Salem College, where he also holds an honorary degree. These accomplishments are a result of his devotion to West Virginia. Grafton Coal and its endless awards for environmental quality and reclamation are a demonstration of his instincts, determination and leadership.

"Today, you’re looking at one of my father’s favorite places on earth. Before you are 2,000 of the most beautiful acres in this country – or at least we think so. To my father and my mother, and all of us, this is a special place.

"Nearly seven yeas ago, we began to talk about how our family might make use of this land, protecting its beauty, yet sharing its bounty with others. My dad, as he has done all of this life, wanted to find a way to share this special place with others.

"It began as a simple idea. West Virginia has all the attributes families across the country want in a place to live, work and play – unparalleled beauty, a low crime rate and a quality of life that few states can match.

"Why can’t we create a world-class development that achieves this union between nature, residential living and commerce? If you know my dad "impossible" isn’t in his vocabulary.

"He has grown very ill over the past few years, and as the vision for this project grew, so did his enthusiasm and that of my mother. We began to consolidate my father’s businesses and prepare for the day when his dream – all of our dreams – might be realized. Although dad is not well enough to be here today, our family wanted to honor his many accomplishments in his lifetime, with one more. The vision that has been nurtured over the past seven years will be called ‘Charles Pointe’ after our father, Charles E. Compton. I am honored to stand here, on his behalf today, and welcome you to this ‘perfect’ spot.

What is Charles Pointe?

Charles Pointe is a master planned community designed to crate a lifestyle for this next millennium that will have a positive impact on job creation, housing, tourism and recreation for the state of West Virginia, according to one of its developers, James A. Corton. It will include:

  • 10,000 square foot conference center
  • housing development featuring more than 250 ‘smart homes’
  • At least one major "Hilton-type" hotel, and possibly two others
  • Entertainment facilities, including an amphitheater
  • An 18-hole public championship golf course
  • Locations for public and private sector technology firms