Fairmont Federal CU Holds Grand Opening

The Bridgeport News

Thursday, June 21, 2007 

by Lynn Vance

Fairmont Federal Credit Union held a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony last Thursday at its newest location at Charles Pointe with several city officials on hand. According to company officials, the $3.2 million dollar facility is the 10th location for Fairmont Federal Union, which offers free checking accounts, competitive savings rates, online services, auto and home loans and other financial services.

Ken Watts, president of the West Virginia Credit Union, said credit unions are very instrumental in the financial well being of its members and this new location will be no different. “You don’t judge a credit union by the assets it accumulates or by the buildings that it builds,” said Watts. “You judge a credit union’s success based upon the level of commitment to member service and that’s been the hallmark of this credit union since its formation in 1939 and has continued up until this day.”

Watts said that from a trade association’s standpoint, to see a credit union grow and develop excites him. “It makes me feel good … to see a credit union grow and develop and never, ever lose sight of that fundamental purpose, which is to provide affordable financial services to individuals to allow them to achieve a greater degree of financial independence by being a member of a credit union than having to go to one of those “B” (bank) words.”

Those on hand for the ceremony also heard from Butch Osborne, Chief Operating Officer; Stanley Rittenhouse, Chief Executive Officer; Jamie Corton, Managing Partner of Genesis Partners; and Bridgeport Mayor Jim Christie. Corton said he was thrilled when Fairmont Federal Credit Union wanted to build at Charles Pointe.

“When I heard a credit union was interested in Charles Pointe, I was ecstatic because I thought what a perfect relationship because I know they are in the relationship business,” said Corton. “Being in a relationship business is everything.”

FFCU also unveiled a new brand identity with the new positioning statement “Borders beyond Fairmont. Benefits beyond Banking.”