Bridgeport Council Gives Approval For Rezoning Of Property At Charles Pointe

The Bridgeport News

By Jeff Toquinto – News Editor

BRIDGEPORT (Thursday, January 30, 2003, Page A5)

While announcements have been sparse and speculation has been plenty at the much-hyped Charles Pointe development, city leaders are hoping Monday’s zoning change for five parcels of land at the site is the precursor for major development.

At Monday’s Bridgeport City Council meeting, the governing body approved a zoning change from A-1, or agricultural, to B-2, or zoning that allows large scale commercial business.

"We hope this signals something is about to happen, especially now that the property is in the city. What takes place there is very significant to us because we’ve committed some significant funds there," said Bridgeport City Manager Kim Haws. "Everyone understands that and we’ve had a good working relationship with the developers (Genesis Partners) through the planning and the recent annexations."

Although plenty of planning has taken place, infrastructure installed and earth moved, no major projects have come to the forefront since the $750 million Charles Pointe conception was announced to the public in September 2000.

Last year, on Sept. 12 to be exact, officials with Genesis Partners did say plans were in the works for a $10 million Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and a $15 million, 100,000 square foot high technology office building.

Haws wasn’t certain if those projects, or any others for that matter, would be announced due to the zoning change. Officials with Genesis Partners have also remained tight-lipped. Several calls requesting comment on the zoning change have not been returned.