Genesis Partners Receives Chairman’s Award Chamber Chairman Clayton Rice Selects Recipient, Developer of Charles Pointe, for Honor

The Exponent Telegram

Friday, June 22, 2007 

by Elizabeth Grey Morrison

Outstanding communities are generating prestigious recognition, particularly in the case of Genesis Partners, a Bridgeport-based business responsible for developing Charles Pointe. Because of Genesis Partners’ success in developing the area, the business recently received the Chairman’s Award from the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce

Genesis Partners spokesperson Jeff Loudin said the business was honored to receive the award. “Certainly Genesis Partners appreciates the recognition from the Chamber for the advancements that they are making in North Central West Virginia,” Loudin said.

Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Wagner said Chairman Clayton Rice chose Genesis Partners to be the recipient of the award. “It’s a selection of the chairman, and it goes to a recipient that is outstanding in more than one way,” Wagner said. “It’s just kind of a recipient that was deserving but didn’t quite fit into any other category. Wagner said this is the second year this particular award has been given at the ceremony.

Loudin said he believed Genesis Partners received the award because Charles Pointe is the first master-planned community in West Virginia. Additionally, Loudin said Genesis Partners is committed to job creation and advancing North Central West Virginia.

Wagner said Genesis Partners was deserving of the award because of the success of the Charles Pointe development. “It’s a huge economic development for Harrison County,” Wagner said. “Just the total impact of the entire project was deserving of the award.”

The award was given at the Chamber’s 88th Annual Awards Dinner held at the Village Square Conference Center. More than 300 people attended the event, making it one of the most heavily attended ceremonies in the Chamber’s history. “We had reservations for 325 people,” Wagner said. “It was one of our largest.” James A. Corton, managing partner for Genesis Partners, and six associates received the award on behalf of the business.